Stereotypes In Breakfast At Tiffany's

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Stereotypes and social scripts are a timeless subject that have been caught and displayed to entertain through movies. Whether it be a classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with Asian Mr. Yunioshi played by the obliviously Caucasian Mickey Rooney. (source) Exhibiting the obvious incorrect race for the role, and yet the film still went on the be very successful. This is due to dyers thinking, “stereotypes express particular definitions of reality, with concomitant evaluations, which in turn relate to the disposition of power within society.” (dyer 3) The power of society deciding that the stereotyping is acceptable. Therefore, allowing for the movie to carry on without too much confrontation. In the less blatantly racist movies, Maltese falcon…show more content…
Spade the main character is your classic 1940’s “man of the household,” Living in times of when women just received the right to vote. Therefore, Spade strives to present himself in a way to ensure that no woman is gaining power over him. Spade's emotionless, oftentimes cold-hearted, treatment of the women in the movie signals that his demeanor towards women is derogatory. In other words, Stuart says, “Meaning is not in the object, person, or thing, nor in the word, but it is CONSTRUCTED and fixed by the code.” (Stuart 7) Men have constructed in their head, at least in spade’s case, that women equal someone that cleans, takes care of kids, and falls second in command to men. On the other hand, Cairo and his homosexual status reveal a different contrast to men, and surprises many women he comes across. Mimicking dawn in Zootopia, the smaller minority can surprise and overcome their stereotype and prove more than expected. Iva strives herself to push for the men to cave in to her. Effie pulls a stronger role and doesn’t need spades much as he perceives. Brigid uses her sexuality to control spade and reveals that spade cannot be the master of all
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