Stereotypes In Cbs's The Big Bang Theory

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CBS 's hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory is now on its 9th season and so far, its fans have seen a lot of new characters joining the show. This includes the parents of the main cast like Leonard 's (Johnny Galecki) mom, Sheldon 's (Jim Parsons) mom, Penny 's (Kelley Cuoco) dad, Amy 's (Mayim Bialik) mom, Bernadette 's (Melissa Rauch) and even Raj 's (Kunar Nayvar) parents. There is only one character whose parents have never really had the chance to have a face seen by the audience and it is none other than, Howard 's (Simon Helberg) parents.

Howard 's character used to have his mom up until the 8th season, her voice was the only thing that fans have heard of. The actor playing the role felt like it is time that their fans know and see his father this time who actually has a name given by the writers and he is Sam Wolowitz. Helberg really thinks that it is even going to help his character in the
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In a recent interview with The Press Association, MSN reported that the actor voiced out his opinion regarding this matter. "I think it would be nice to potentially meet his dad. I like it when the writers get deep because it 's hard to do that on a sitcom without hearing the cheesy violin or having that special episode feeling, and they do it so well and I love getting to learn about this character I 've played and know for over seven years, and getting to discover things I never knew," Helberg said.

Meanwhile, Penny 's mom is also someone who doesn 't have a face yet and there are speculations that Lisa Kudrow might actually be the one working on it. There are no final announcements yet, but both Cuoco and Parsons think that she Kudrow does fit the character.
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