Stereotypes In Constance Wu's Fresh Off The Boat

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In this online exert from Allure Magazine, Constance Wu explains her experience with the Asian American stereotype in Hollywood. Constance Wu has broken many barriers and stereotypes that Asian American women have faced in the media, as she became a lead actress in a prime-time television show. Furthermore, this television show itself has broken many barriers as well because it is the first Asian American television that is about an Asian American family and played by Asians too. The show that I am describing is called, Fresh Off the Boat, which airs on ABC channel on Tuesday nights. In the article, Constance identifies the reaction she received when she began playing her role. At first, Constance explains how grateful and happy she was when she would win any part of a production. Even if it meant that it was, “the supporting role, the best friend or the assistant to the white…show more content…
Before this class, I was aware of the stereotypical roles and performances that Asian’s play in Hollywood, however I did not notice the lack of representation that they have. It was not until this class, that I began to pay attention and notice that there are not many Asian actors. If there was, they were never lead roles, but supporting or minor roles. I am able to relate with Constance as she was not aware of the issue until it was pointed out to her. Lastly, Constance points out the difference that many people do not understand between being Asian and Asian American. This reminded me of the discussion we had in class about whether or not you would consider yourself to be a hyphenated-American. With becoming a hyphenated-American, you are essentially combining two different cultures and beliefs together. In conclusion, Constance Wu is doing her part in trying to revolutionize Hollywood and the media by breaking the stereotypes and bring attention to the differences that
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