Stereotypes In Disney Movies Essay

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People love a good fairytale story. Disney as a company has made insane amounts of money on that fact. The simplest way of telling these stories are through movies. Many people, like myself, love these films and don’t dig exceptionally deep into them. Other’s however, can’t or won’t see past the times. What I mean by this, is that people find many of the Disney films to be extremely sexist and plague the minds of young girls by telling them what they need to look like to have a love story like the princesses in the movies. This thought completely appalling. Found from the UK news website and the Washington Post, “Despite media reports, princess exposure was not associated with poor body image in girls.” These movies are stories told in a way…show more content…
Ariel is an impulsive passionate mermaid princess that feel like she wants more out of life. She however, also falls victim to the judgmental eyes of many viewers. For those unfamiliar with the story, Ariel trades her mermaid form for human legs to pursue her love interest on land at the price of her voice. It might be clear where this is going, a beautiful princess now only has her body and actions to impress her prince. Not exactly something that many people would want their children trying in their own lives. Disney obviously isn’t suggesting to prostitute yourself to get the prince but rather that your actions do speak louder than your words. The main issues with the movies made before the 1990’s is that people in today’s era have a very hard time seeing the movies in the eyes of those that would’ve watched them in those previous years. People will see what they want to see but in the words of Phaedrus, “things aren’t always what they seem”. In other words, Phaedrus believes that there can be alternative meaning and intentions of the events we see and hear in our lives. These movies are a prime example of things are more than what they
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