Stereotypes In Disney Movies

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As a child we grow up watching movies that portray each culture differently. The Disney movies are a great example. Native Americans fought long enough to only be stereotype. The media portrays Natives as savages. Since recently people have been noticing the stereotypes in these children films. The 1953 classic movie Peter Pan had a scene where big chief is sitting next to “Indians”. The animated characters are red skin, big nose, and a feather in their head. They are also singing a song called “What makes the red man red?”. Children don’t notice these stereotypes. In other movies, Native American are seen as smokers, drinkers, and lazy. These portray harm the way people look at the children. These children grow up being told their…show more content…
This recent year Hispanics have been target by the media because of Donald Trump presidential run. He portrayed us as lazy, welfare, criminals, and rapists. Latinos are the starting to be the largest minority. The same way Donald Trump described us are the same way movies stereotype. In 2001, a movie by the name of The Fast and the Furious came out. The movie was about illegal street racing in the city of Los Angeles. In the movie there was a character by the name of Hector. He was a stereotype Mexican to be gang related, lowrider, and all about brown pride. He was the prodigy of what people thought all Mexican looked like. In 2000, the film Next Friday was out that portrayed a Latino as a gang member and drug dealer. The character name was Little Joker. He was short, had a lowrider, and a beanie over his eyes. He was bald and said “ese”. He was a drug dealer. The harm that it does to the Latinos is giving us be publicity. Children viewing this reflect toward themselves. They think everyone views them that way. We grow up being afraid of high authority because of these stereotypes. Whether we fit in the categories or not it affects us. Almost like here in Bakersfield, when someone thinks all the Latinos live in the East side. Everyone assumes Latinos have a lot of family members and are here illegally. Anyone can be lazy, a rapist, a criminal. It does not define by the race, skin color, or ethnicity.

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