Stereotypes In Disney Princess Movies

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To most little girls growing up wishing to become a princess and find their Prince Charming is nothing far from normal. From the very first Disney princess movies in the early 1900s young girls have naturally falling in love with the princess characters. However the morals of these movies are there to mask the negative impact that these movies are actually putting on young girls. For years these movies have been teaching girls to be sweet, emotional and a damsel in distress. That way their Prince Charmings will fall in love with them and save them when they are in danger, this trend is shown in multiple disney princess movies where the princesses are dependent on their prince. These ditsy and naïve princesses are not the role models that young…show more content…
Media should be showing young children especially young girls that the world is not black and white, one can do whatever job one wants to and people can be whoever they want to be, but Walt Disney went with the flow and shows support in media’s message to young girls. Snow White is the most domestic Disney princess there is, who just offers to "keep house for you, I'll wash and see and sweep and cook"(Disney), this just gives the message that as a woman that is their duty and they need to enjoy it no matter what. We should be encouraging young girls to stray away from the normal and be one’s own person not that there is a right and a wrong, this change is only going to occur if the big influences like Disney princesses change their message towards young…show more content…
This change really does not do anything positive in the effect on young girls because when somebody fixes something in one component they lack it in another. The fairy Merryweather in Sleeping Beauty tells Aurora " to pick some berries"(Disney) and this is just one more example of a domestic job that Walt Disney gives to a Disney princess. The fact that Walt Disney adds to the message from society that there is only one way to live one’s life, by intentionally representing the role of women in the early 1900s, in his movies does nothing for the impact these movies are having on young

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