Essay On High School Stereotypes

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Do you use stereotypes in your everyday life. Well in Dinuba High School stereotypes are use everyday. Why are stereotypes being used in school when they shouldn't be used. In the following paragraph, I will be giving examples of the effects and response students and adults have to the use of stereotypes in school. What are some of the groups teens in Dinuba High School identified with. Here are some examples: student, athlete, teenager, Hispanic, and white. The examples where the five biggest group. Some stereotypes associated with teenager where being lazy, interested in many things, having many friends, being rude, and inappropriate. Example associated with being a athlete where in shape, are popular among their group of friends, and were really cool people to hang out with. Stereotypes used to describe a student were, has a backpack, goes to school, are young and are always busy with homework.The biggests ethnic group with 71.8% of the interviewers saying they were hispanic/ latino. The stereotypes used to describe a hispanic/ latino were Know how to speak spanish, loves tacos, wet back, dark skin, and…show more content…
Stereotypes should never be taken lightly. Stereotypes can run a person life because they go out and try to fulfill the imuters stereotype someone placed on him. Don't use stereotypes they can ruin a person's life without you noticing. They not only damaged people mentally they also damage them in physical ways as well. Now you know how people are affected and damaged by stereotypes. Stereotypes should never be taken lightly they can ruin a person's life. Stereotypes should not be used in schools or around them they harm the student body.I don't agree with the use of stereotypes even if they are good one. They ruin people's lives either way. Remember stereotypes harm people in many ways. They are dangerous. Don't use them. Have you ever caused damage because you used
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