Stereotypes In Footloose, The Breakfast Club And Dirty Dancing

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Society is built upon a grand scale of assumptions and misunderstandings, all of which tend to lead us in a path for the worst. There is, however, a remedy for our seemingly infinite list of problems that lead us to war, hate, and unrest. Unfortunately, this remedy is not very likely to be found because we have not been looking in the right places, which happen to be right beneath our noses. You see, we as a society have spent our lives writing books, directing movies, and painting murals, and yet we have overlooked our own genius; Footloose, The Breakfast Club, and Dirty Dancing. These three movies all share a common thread, and it’s not their epic soundtracks and classic ending scenes. These three movies have the capability to perfect society. Footloose (1984) is a movie that exemplifies what happens when a civilization ignores the younger generation. We see every day in modern society; big politicians and top educators making choices for the younger generation without the input of the actual students. In…show more content…
It does, however, address what makes each of the teenagers similar as well as distinguishes what makes them different, a theme that adults in today’s world tend to ignore. The reason that the movie is timeless is because, as a high school student, I can relate to it today as much as a student in the 80’s could. It does not attempt to break down barriers and stereotypes, it addresses the reasons why they exist and leave it to the viewer to find out how to take them down. The final scene of the movie with the epic “fist in the air” by John Bender and the dramatic Simple Minds song blaring in the background symbolizes the first actual triumph that the character has achieved; he got through to the minds that have been corrupted by societal
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