Stereotypes In Hispanic Culture Essay

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Today, society has become dependent on media, propaganda has risen because of the portrayal of stereotypes of the Hispanic culture. There is a common ground of the concepts of stereotyping and ethnocentrism. The propaganda has enabled stereotypes to arise in the media and has made an impact on the behaviors of those that interact with the Hispanic culture. Any action reflecting stereotypes could have a negative or positive impact on those of other cultures. The concepts of stereotyping and ethnocentrism have several common points. Typically, stereotypes are commonly in the categories of sex, race, age or profession and occurs when there is different traits and behaviors identified. The textbook states, “The difficulty arises when stereotypes carry a negative valence and are used to overgeneralize negative traits to an entire group of people when, in reality, few members of the group actually possess such traits” (Neuleip, 2015, Para. 2 p.g. 188). Ethnocentrism can be identified as, “the tendency for any people to put their own group in a position of centrality and worth while creating and reinforcing negative attitudes and behaviors toward out-groups” (Neuleip, 2015, Para. 2 p.g. 205). There is the common interest for both concepts of judgment towards…show more content…
In 1946 the percentage of Hispanic actors was three percent, and the percentage has risen to seventeen percent according to the New York Times (Bahr, 2014). Hispanics have replaced African Americans as the portrayed role of maids on television shows and movies such as, “Maid in Manhattan”, and “Devious Maids”. They are showing Hispanics will always do the dirty work that U.S. citizens don’t want to do. The more well know implications of stereotyping is movies and television shows that involve Hispanic gangs and drug dealers. Many know of “West Side Story”, portrayed Hispanics as violent and vigilant
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