Stereotypes In Indian Education

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Indian Education Stereotypes can affect people in many ways some negative and some positive. Some positive ways stereotypes can affect people is they could make them stronger or make them wanna be a better person. Some negative ways stereotypes affect people is they can bring them down and make them feel bad about themselves. In “ Indian Education” by Sherman Alexie there are many stereotypes about Native Americans for example alcoholics,dumb and fighters.
One stereotype that many people give Native Americans is that they are alcoholics. Sherman was at a dance in the ninth grade when he passed out during a slow song.Then a Chicano teacher approached him and his friends and said “What's that boy been drinking? I know all these Indian kids. They start drinking at a young age” ( Alexie 3). This is a good example of a alcoholic stereotype because the Chicano teacher just assumed that he passed out cause he had been drinking. Not all Indians drink
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In “Indian Education” by Sherman Alexie it states ”In 2nd grade that Betty Towle she gave the class a spelling test but set me aside and gave me a test designed for a junior high students. When I spelled all the words right ,she crumbled up my paper and made me eat it”.( Alexie 1). It's not right to stereotype people it could bring them down, but it didn't bring Sherman down it made him stronger and more kind hearted. Many people might have let this get to them but it didn't Sherman. Sherman proved them wrong and showed them that he could do it. In conclusion in Sherman Alexie's book “Indian Education” it talks about how the different stereotypes affected his life.The stereotype affected his life by making him try harder in school, and try to be a better person. Sherman went through a lot in school he was stereotyped by many names but in the end it all turned out better. He became valedictorian of his class, and he became a better
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