Stereotypes In James Fenimore's The Last Of The Moicans

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Everything was peaceful until … an explosion was heard by the Mohicans and death swept over, leaving a couple of Mohicans left. This is the scenario portrayed by James Fenimore’s The Last of the Mohicans, which was adapted into a film directed by Michael Mann. The book had most of this action, which was mostly portrayed by the fighting going on. On the other hand, the movie had more love and not that much action. This portrayal of the story is the biggest difference between the movie and the book. There are many things similar, including the characters, the tools and weapons, and the storyline. On the contrary, there are many things different, including the scenery and lighting, the clothing, and the actors cast. The first example of how the movie and book are the same…show more content…
Magua, whom was introduced in an early scene, was much more developed in the book. Also in the movie, there are stereotypes that applied to Magua’s character. Stereotypes can make the movie better, but sometimes it is better to completely base a movie off of a book. Another example of this is Alice, Cora’s younger sister. Alice, in the book, doesn’t have a childlike exuberance. In the movie, she does bring this exuberance. Basically, Alice is energetic in the movie but not in the book. Characters were, still are, and will continue to be the most important part of movies, but sometimes producers change them. As a wrap, most of the time it’s better to read the book than watching the movie. The book usually has the most reliable information. Anyways, in this case, the book was even more action-packed than the movie. Every movie based off of a book will have something similar to the book. Movies will also have something different than the book, since you need to be hooked onto the movie to actually enjoy it. James Fenimore sure made us hooked onto his book. Who thought a book would be more exciting than the

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