Stereotypes In Kindred

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Playing the Part No matter the century or the centuries to come there has and there always will be stereotypes. A stereotype is a fixed notion or image of a certain group of people. Stereotypes put certain characteristics on people or objects. Most stereotypes are racist and sexist; over time stereotypes may change to fit with the evolving society. Racist and sexist stereotypes are depicted in the short story, Kindred. Kindred, is about an interracial couple living in California during the 1970s. Dana and Kevin are happily married, when Dana suddenly time travels back to the antebellum south during the time of slavery. Dana is an educated black woman, in the 70s it is normal for a black woman to have higher roles in society, but it is not…show more content…
Kevin claims that Dana is his wife; Rufus squeals and says, “Niggers can’t marry white people”, “It’s against the law” (Butler 60-61). The Deep South had banned interracial marriages until 1967. Although interracial marriage was unheard of, miscegenation was common but it “often led to complications in the South. Sometimes white men loved their black concubines more than they did their white wives” (Blassingame 84). Many of the white wives would file for divorce if this happened and they would also take out their anger on the black woman involved. As Rufus was carried in the house, his mother frantically entered the bedroom and pushed Dana aside. Margaret Weylin noticed Dana and asked for her name. She seemed to recognize Dana from the past but as she spoke Rufus interrupted her asking for some water. Margaret turns and looks at Dana, as if Dana is her slave, and orders her to “get him some water” (Butler 69). Failure to do so Margaret dismisses Dana to the cookhouse. Dana realizes that if she is stuck in the south she might as well be working. She was offered a tutoring job, Kevin disagrees with her decision. Dana says, “I’m here. And I am supposed to be a slave”, she is trying to fit in with the black stereotype. Dana pretends to belong to Kevin while they are in the Weylin’s house to prevent blowing her cover. She is from the future, so she appears to be highly educated compared to the other black people in the south during the time of slavery. Although she is beginning to work she has to be careful because she knows information about the future that could get her into serious trouble. Master Weylin is threatened by her education level and is concerned on losing his investment on her, if she runs
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