Stereotypes In Media Essay

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Often times, the media falls into a quagmire due to the continued creation of inaccurate racial archetypes. Networks tend to stick to archetypes for their characters or ideas that have worked for them previously. Due to this, varying types of media create an undesirable reputation for people of minorities. This lack of archetypal growth for the representation of racial characters and ideas is specifically discussed within the article “Despite progress, stereotypes in US pop culture persist”. This article relates to the big picture question through the exploration of Asian stereotypes that have been continuously perpetuated by popular media networks. It notes how unacceptable it is for networks to make a joke out of a race or culture when people…show more content…
When a television show decides to use an unopposed, typically offensive idea or dialogue in relation to an Asian character, “­and the moment is instead played for laughs - more damage is done than if Asian Americans were to remain off network television altogether,” (pg 1, lines 20-21). These jokes become normalized, leading to the idea that hurtful stereotypes can, “come from a good place,” and be, “humorous satire,” (pg 2, line 7). This unrestricted use of stereotypes, “has created a feeling of safety around mocking a group that is not commonly viewed to be disadvantaged or disenfranchised,” (pg 2, lines 14-15). The mocking simply becomes the actual opinions of those uninformed in the reality of the minor races and cultures. In my opinion, the article is not particularly effective in anyway. It does not hold the persuasive power behind it that makes me want to jump into action. However, I do find that it gets its point across and brings some awareness to the Asian stereotypes within media. I’m glad it makes a point to mention actual television shows that are more encouraging as far as the lack of typical stereotyping goes. It makes sense to throw out an alternative to support amongst the criticism of the other shows and it helps their
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