Stereotypes In Modern Society

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A newborn child does not have anything influencing his perception of the world, but as he grows up the surroundings begin to affect the way he lives and behaves. Never judge anybody before knowing the whole story of their life and situation. In today’s society, people tend to establish a false image of a group, otherwise known as stereotypes. Stereotypes infer that if one member of a group has a specific set of characteristics or abilities, then the entire group is expected to be likewise. Stereotypes put labels on people and groups about how one should act or live a life based on minor facts. Stereotypes lead to misconceptions or incorrect views which are composed based on some untruths. Many groups are typically understood as one way, but once knowing the real story behind the individual, the same people begin to realize that the group is not how they are perceived to be. For example, children who grow up with no brothers and sisters are expected to be spoiled brats, which is not true in most cases. Judgments, stereotypes, and misconceptions are all significant problems in modern society, and instead of breaking the norms, people tend to continue this lifestyle. Stereotypes seem to have become the new fashion trend by labeling groups based on one widely believed mental picture. Stereotypes are a severe issue in our society and individuals who are a part of it need to know how stereotypes may affect others. According to The Psych Central’s online article, Long-Term Effects

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