Stereotypes In Nursing

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Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care afforded to people of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or not, and in all circumstances. It is understood by the comprehensive nursing care performed on an individual qualified in different health conditions. Nursing is one of the most important areas of medicine although in academic record always appear in the shadow of other disciplines most renowned. This literature review aims to examine what is the role of media in genre stereotypes regarding men and women in nursing, discuss television programs that give a misunderstanding of what actually is the work of a nurse and what are the methods to promote information on understanding the work of a nurse and find equal
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These stereotypes are often very hard to deal with, and needs strong self- confidence to get over it. ‘’ The media haven’t help. The portrayal of female is often negative or at the very least inaccurate; men in nursing are simply absent, confirming the public’s assumption that ‘’real’’ men don’t do nursing.’’ (O’Lynn, 2007). Although there are several reasons why the nursing profession is facing a crisis, one of the main factors is that people are not much interested in nursing because of the poor image that the media give to it. In today’s world the media is affecting the nursing profession and as long as counselors and teachers continue to tell students that they are ‘’too smart to be a nurse,’’ there will continue the decline of people interested in…show more content…
A survey of 400 students in grades 7-11 and 400 adults who said they’d consider switching careers revealed that many potential nurses do not believe that nursing offers the benefits they value most in a career. (Erickson, 2005) The article, ‘’ The image of nursing: Not good enough for a feminist? by Sandy Summers stated that there are still people who believe that nursing is not good enough for smart modern women. (2010) Men interested in nursing careers are seen as homosexuals by the stereotypes that media has created those same stereotypes that make women doubt about choosing nursing as a career because feminists believe that smart women do not choose nursing instead of medicine. The article Male Nurses Defy Stereotypes, written by Laura Jerpi, Jerpi interviewed Michael Criswell, a clinical assistant professor of nursing at Purdue who said; ‘’ We need to promote a strong positive image of what a nurse does.’’ (2015) These are a few words of men who had gone through tough circumstances while choosing to dedicate their lives within the field. Media need to stop creating this kind of stereotypes and start giving to the nursing career and nurses both men and women the respect they
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