Stereotypes In Othello Essay

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FINAL PAPER: Race is currently a hot topic in contemporary society. How minority populations are represented in the media, literature, and other modes of communication is constantly criticized. Although, societies are slowly eliminating and punishing racial prejudices, they still exist. Stereotypical portrayals of non-white characters have existed in western civilization for thousands of years. Literature produced in a predominantly white European context has historically been plagued with politically incorrect renderings of minorities. Marginalized characters have frequently embodied stereotypical traits that negatively and inappropriately represent them. Patriarchal ideologies helped to establish hegemonic societal views on other races,…show more content…
Iago had a great deal of influence in shaping Othello’s identity. He could almost be considered the main character simply due to the amount of lines he has. Iago “employs his comic verve to try to destroy his virtuous antagonist and whose colloquial intimacy with the audience often half-succeeds in winning the audience over” (Greenblatt 427). Although, Iago’s devious actions transform his character into a villain his style of speaking help spectators and readers to easily identify with him. Iago provides the first description of Othello before the protagonist is even seen. During the opening scene he informs Brabantio that his daughter is in love with Othello the moor. Iago expresses his distaste for this nuptial by referring to Othello as an “old black ram” (1.1 66) and “barbary horse”. He essentially is trying to convince Brabantio that Othello is comparable to a savage beast. Iago offers a prejudiced initial description of Othello and would go on to persistently uses racial slurs to describe him. The frequency of these racial insults would shape the audience's view of Othello that negatively portrayed him. Although, Shakespeare attempted to shatter these horrendous descriptions of Othello with third party flattery, iago’s persistence ensures that spectators would recognize Othello’s racially stereotypic

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