Stereotypes In Philippine Film: Honor Thy Father, Directed By Erik Matti

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I. Introduction

In the course of Philippine cinema, Filipino films have shown a similar trend of how these films follow certain stereotypes and images created by society. These include gender roles, the image of beauty, repetitive plots, and happy endings among others. For instance, romance films usually show the same storyline but portrayed differently to show variation despite being identical plot wise. In addition, films are created for an audience in which Mervyn LeRoy notes in his study entitled What Makes a Good Screen Story, he says that “the majority of people go to movies go because they want to forget their worries for a while. Movies are escape” (33). This is one of the reasons why films have not deviated from the usual plot and expected roles because of the uncertainty of its success. These plots and stereotypes have already been accepted and adored by the audience that these films show; as previously stated, movies are usually seen for its audience to be entertained. One of the Philippine films that have both showed certain stereotypes and caught the attention of its audience is Honor Thy Father, directed by Erik Matti.

Honor Thy Father, a crime drama film, is an official entry to the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival. It won several awards such as the best director, which is very well deserved for the phenomenal directing and filming of Erik Matti. Throughout the movie, the blocking, visuals, and scenes are very well thought of, which is supported by exemplary

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