Stereotypes In Romantic Movies

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You sat back on the couch getting comfortable for the night you had the house to yourself all night while your boyfriend was staying at the dorm for a boys night which meant pizza and cheesy romcoms all by yourself not that you didn 't want your boyfriend home but he seemed excited about the night and you really wanted to watch some cheesy romantic movies with out him pretending to hate them and complaining for the first half hour. You had rented a new one you hadn 't seen before and you were excited when you picked it out it looked cute but when you took it to the counter to rent it you got a weird look from the clerk and she even said some snide remarks under her breath about how she couldn 't stand these types of flicks and you rolled you 're eyes thinks on how one person could be so bitter over a simple and cute movie. You grabbed a piece of pizza from the box and humming happily you hit play the opening…show more content…
He looks up at you giving you a slight smirk he hooks you 're underwear and slides them down. He places a hand under one knee and hooks it on his shoulder and does the same with the other leg. He looked up at you pressing a kiss to your leg he bit down making you groan a little and he smiled he brought his hand up dragging it along the length of your already dripping core he smirked "baby girl" you knew his tone of voice and that alone sent a shiver down your spine. He pressed his finger on your clit and rubbed it in a circle "I wonder" you eyed him and he removed his finger and pressed his tongue to it instead he wrapped his lips around it gently sucking and your hips bucked at the sensation he then applied his tongue generously pressing the muscle to your clit. He pressed down and ran your bundle of nerves in a circle you were quivering he was not playing around tonight and that excited you. He took two of his fingers and easily slid into you causing you to moan out he smiled and pulled his mouth back he sat back a little as he pumped his

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