Stereotypes In Suicide Squad Movie

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I strongly agree with Suderman and his allegations regarding the DC movies and how they are made. Given that making the movies the action scene are to a “t”, but the characters and their background are greatly unrecognized, as well as their appearances. As an example just as Suderman proclaims, the movie Suicide Squad doesn’t focus on one thing, but rather veers off into several different scenes creating some confusion throughout the movie. A little of history of each character is barley to almost never established along with not furthering the plot. Given each characters history, they don’t primarily focus on their past, but how it affected them and how they felt. Over all it was just a presentation of emotional feelings throughout each character.…show more content…
Even the Joker is just a showcase to advertise, with the brief flashback to part of his backstory only promote that there is a more interesting film in store. As one of the most prominent villains ever know, DC has made him into a literal joke. In Suicide Squad, he is only given bits and pieces of screen time, not even establishing why he is primarily there. Many of the Joker’s scenes were cut due to reasons unknown, but given those scenes were of Harley Quinn and Joker’s abusive relationship, most would consider that DC wanted to make it seem as though they were a seemingly normal couple, but with insanity added to their mental
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