Stereotypes In Superheroes

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Stereotypes: A big problem in Superheroes
“Not even girls want to be girls so long our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don't want to be tender, submissive, peace loving as good women are (Chuck Tate, 148).” Why are stereotypes used? why not go around with labels and stick them on the person we think it goes with. Negative effects of stereotypes from superheroes include body image, diversity, and unacceptable behaviors.
In fact unrealistic body image is used in any superhero we can name, from Superman to Wonder Woman and more. I believe that body image found in superheroes has a negative effect on the viewers because it will lead to these children or adults losing weight, taking steroids, and working out excessively. “Male stereotypes include being powerful, both mentally and physically, and initiators in sexual and non-sexual situations.Female stereotypes, in contrast, include being weaker than men, both mentally and physically, and being followers(viz. passive) in sexual and non-sexual situations”(154). When I read this quote I had flashbacks of when I used to watch Captain America in movies, I was obsessed in being like him which meant
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“The Batman became addicted to steroids after he failed to lift a 632-pound boulder to save a young girl from drowning a bombed sewer(141).” The batman taking steroids unrealistic in superheroes because they are known for being naturally buff and taking steroids causes him to take out his aggression on those that do bad. Another example of an unrealistic behavior would have to be Spider-man being able to have the abilities a spider has, Superman being able to fly, The Flash being able to run super fastened lastly the Hulk being able to turn into a green monster. All of these unrealistic behaviors tend to mess with the minds mentally because then kids are wanting to do the same exact these so called role models
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