Stereotypes In Susan Eloise Hinton's The Outsiders

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“Things are rough after all” --Cherry Valance. One person decides to change the stereotypical greasers VS Socs can't be friends battle. Susan Eloise Hinton wrote The Outsiders When she was 15, under the name S.E. Hinton so people wouldn't know she was a girl because her editor thought people wouldn't buy a girls book. She wrote the book to tell people about what was happening at her high school. In the novel there two different groups of kids: Greasers and the Socs. Greasers tend to be poor-- They gets into trouble with the law. The other group are the Socs, The Socs are the upper class kids. They are usually the ones who start the fights and beat up the Greasers. They also get into trouble but the community oversees it. Ponyboy is the main…show more content…
“All Socs Aren’t like that, she said, “you have to believe me, Ponyboy. Not all of the Socs are like that...things are rough all over (Hinton 34-35). Hinton makes it clear to all the readers that stereotypes define people but they shouldn't and she also tries to say that label people based off of their social class. The Outsiders teachers you about conflict, friendship, social classes, identity, and hardship. Conflict shadows all problems whether it's small and large and also conflict helps the characters stay together and work together to beat the other social class. One of the main conflicts which is that Cherry is going against the rules that ‘’Greasers and Socs don't mix’’, is significant because it has a big impact on Cherry because of all the things that happen when the Greasers and the Socs do mix. I think my conflict is still relevant today because there are still social group that disagree. Also there are still people who don't want groups to fight and want them to get along. I also think that people can relate to this conflict because no matter what the conflict is you have to deal with the consequences of you trying to be on both sides. Everyone experience conflict at least once in their lifetime.All conflict I think have the same
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