Stereotypes In The Mass Media

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Marwa Alkafaji UPGR001A-academic writing 31/7/2015 Cause and effect essay -Final Draft Stereotypes Life is a symphony composed of three distinct movements, a lot of people, a few people, and almost no one; each of them is affected by stereotypes. "Stereotypes may be defined as popular beliefs about specific social groups or types of individuals and are broadly standardized or simplified conceptions of groups based on some prior assumptions."*Stereotypes present an incomplete, subjective and sometimes false image of reality. They are often based on traditions and are resistant to change. Although they can have positive and negative effects, the last is much which is…show more content…
Stereotypes have a negative effect when published throughout the mass media. First, the differentiating gender roles in modern societies can be a perfect example of the negative social effects of using stereotypes in mass media. Nowadays, the differences between male and female roles are smaller, however mass media still perpetuates traditional gender stereotypes still seen in TV series. The man has been and is still considered to be the financial provider, assertive and independent, whereas the woman is shown in lower-position jobs and careers, responsible for raising children and doing housework. For example: in the series, "Desperate Housewives", the wives in the program are always dressed to the nines and made up heavily, adorned in expensive jewels and high heels. This makes them seem almost as if they are dolls or toys; property that their husbands own, control and manipulate. The producers make it very clear that the women do not hold jobs of their own and it is heavily implied that the support of their husbands is what allows them to live such a high lifestyle. Moreover, due to the great influence of stereotypes (especially…show more content…
The stereotypes that are designed and made by the media for the masses, are a manifestation of the injustice in the world; they are a fertile soil for conflicts. The influence of violence, as reported in the media, might not have immediate results, but accumulates over a period of time. People can get the impression that if violence is so common in the media and happens so easily, then everyone can break the boundaries and violate the terms of social conduct.For example,the spared of terrorist ideology manifested in ISIS and how they affect young mind 's and make them like a machine –gun to death. Like the story of a singer girl from west 23 year old wrapped in hip hop dream of becoming a big star.After her sudden change in beliefs, she started to dress all in black and escaped to Iraq to join ISIS.These cases and others are an example of how harmful the effects of negative violent stereotypes through mass media can be, and how they may develop into harmful

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