Stereotypes In The Military

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December 11, 2013. Around 5:00 I was sleeping in my bed, but then eventually my dad came thought the door the door followed with a bang. The bang woke me up my dad said get up get somethings where going to the hospital, I was up and I out of my bed as if I was in the Military. Then out the door, but my dad had to go back to lock the door, then to the Hospital where my mom was. We were at the hospital, but we walk like a snail into the hospital because it was icy you couldn’t see the ground because of the snow with the cold air blowing in my face, my dad said my nose was red and my eyes were watering so he held my face against his big brown winter coat he wore for work. We entered the hospital I could feel the warm air in my face, then my dad slowly moved my head away from his coat.…show more content…
Wheal we were waiting in the white room with the toys me and my dad were guessing on the gender because my mom does not like to know the gender of the baby my guess was a girl my dad was a boy and my mom’s was a girl. Then my dad and I played with one of the toys and it was a little it had a magnet and a ball to it and we had to get into the center of the board. She was where so we went in to white room that smelled like medical things but she was here my mom named her Zeniya. I was sitting in a big brown chair and my dad asked me if I wanted to hold her I said yes so then my dad gave her to me and I was scared so I gave her back to my dad after 2min. Now the adventure of her growing

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