Stereotypes In The Millennials

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As new generations come up and introduce new values, technology, and attitudes to society, many older generations tend to think of the newer generations as lazy or “cutting corners,” instead of appreciating the innovation, independence, and diverse views of the younger generations. The younger generations are subject to the vast narrow-mindedness of the older generations. The older generations, including the Generation X and Baby Boomers, have gotten used to being the newest of generations and being the ones with the new ideas and new trends. Recently, the birth and thriving of millennials have come under harsh discrimination from people included in older generations. When searching the internet, or simply asking people about the initial…show more content…
Millennials are known as the generation that often attempt to “cut corners” while trying to complete various tasks, whether it be finding a way to make manual labor easier, or simple tasks quicker. This stereotype, though broadly known and rarely argued in favor of the victims of said stereotypes, they are generally misguided by misinformation. The idea that the millennials, or “Generation Y”, are known for trying to stray away from hard work and try to skimp through anything difficult is slanderous and discredited by various sources of statistics and information. Innovation, which is described as introducing new ideas or methods, is exactly what the newer generation has been doing. Millennials, who value innovation largely more than any generation to precede them, continue to form new ideas and methods of doing things that older generations may right off as “cutting corners”, but actually have improved, and will continue to prove people’s quality of life for years to come. The Forbes Top 30 Innovations of the last 30 years includes things of a broad spectrum, things like email, the internet, and cell phones, all the way to laparoscopic surgery. Things like these, that would usually be considered trying to take the easy way by those who prefer the “old fashioned way” have…show more content…
easier than in past years. These are physical contributions to the world that have been made thanks to millennials, but they are by far not the only ones. 15 Economic Facts About Millennials, a article from the White House itself, tells of various effects millennials have cause or contributed to over the course of their lives. Millennials alone are the most diverse generation in history. This contributes greatly to the acceptance and embracement of different customs, racial differences, and different ways of living practiced by a wide variety of people. The new level of diversity aids in the idea of the different varieties of people all coming together in a collective, harmonized way without the hate and discrimination that was so common in earlier eras. Contradictory to the idea that all millennials are lazy and looking for an easy way to do things, there are more millennials that have received a college degree, than any other generation, according to the White House millennial report. Said report also states that, “ 47 percent of 25 to 34 year-olds received a postsecondary degree (associates, bachelor’s, or graduate degree) and an additional 18 percent had completed some postsecondary education.” Considering, by the Howe and Strauss definition of millennials, 25 to 34 year olds are, in fact, still millennials, this statistic
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