Stereotypes In The Movie Clueless

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“As if!” there are still stereotypes of women. Society has getting better with trying not to stereotype women, but after studying the movie Clueless, the stereotypes that were shown in the movie still exist today. For many years women have been told that they have to fit a certain image for our society’s needs. From a woman’s perspective, there are many expectations that are held and are impossible to be met. From a young age, girls everywhere are being told that what they’re doing is never good enough. The movie clueless is just a glimpse of the types of stereotypes that women today have to face.
The movie clueless was released on July 19, 1995. The movie takes place in Beverly Hills, California and is from the perspective of Cher Horowitz
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For example, almost every day the girls wear short miniskirts, blazers, and knee high socks. When Tai first showed up, no one wanted to talk to her because what she was wearing wasn’t acceptable to be seen with. According to Susan Bordo, in “Gentlemen or Beast? Double Bind of Masculinity” declares that we reward the men who meet the high expectations of ancient authority, but shame men whose gender hostility doesn’t line with the criteria (Bordo 219). Though this message is directed towards men, we see that Clueless has a lot in common with it, because when Tai wasn’t meeting society’s needs with her appearance, she was looked down…show more content…
According to Sarah Kendzior, the author of “The Princess Effect” in the reading popular culture says that when women have authority, her words and actions should be critiqued not her body image and clothes (206). Though this movie isn’t about a political campaign, we can see that Kendzior statement and this movie have a lot in common because men and women shouldn’t be judging one another by appearances, but by each other’s actions and words. When Cher started to like Christian, she starts to wear clothes that are more revealing to try to impress him. Another example is when Josh says to Cher “I’m just curious, how many hours of the day do you spend grooming yourself?. Another example is when Tai first comes to Beverly Hills high school and she isn’t good enough to fit in because she didn’t spend hours on her hair and makeup. An example of this is in the reading popular culture book “Disney’s politically ‘correct ’Pocahontas” is when Kilpatrick proclaims When Pocahontas met John Smith she was around ten years old, he was a greedy thirty year old who resembled a block more than a blond Adonis (642). Though Pocahontas was not wealthy like Cher, Tai, or Dionne in the movie Pocahontas was pretty and skinny. When people found out the real story of Pocahontas and how she was not the voluptuous woman everyone thought, people were very angry. This stereotype tells women that if they don’t have the prettiest
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