Stereotypes In The Movie Zootopia

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Zootopia is a Disney animated movie that came out March 4th 2016. Zootopia is about a bunny named Judy Hopps who moves to the big city of Zootopia to pursue her dream of becoming a police officer. Judy quickly finds out that enforcing the law is not a walk in the park. Judy determines to prove herself and takes on a Mystery case. While working on her case, she comes across a wily Fox named Nick Wilde, who makes her job even harder. Nick and Judy have to put away their dislikes for each other and learn to work together. Zootopia is a cute, family friendly movie that teaches good morals like friendship, treating people equally, and treating people with respect. When you look deeper at the story of Zootopia it comes down to the issue of racism. The movie brings up current controversial issues, and it honestly does it in a good way. Though the movie did a good job, it is still far from perfect, like every movie it has it’s strengths and weakness. Zootopia did a perfectly job of taking a current controversial topic and present it in a relatable and mature way. The issues they focused on were stereotypes, Us Vs Them mentality and racism. They illustrated the stereotypes by making the stereotypes the typical things those animals do. In the movie Judy’s dad thinks every fox is sly and rude, but Judy tells her dad that not all foxes are and that some bunnies are like that. Nick says…show more content…
When people are watching the movie they may not be able to grasp all the message the movies are presenting. When people are watching movie they tend to get distracted or do not pay full attention to the movie. When they do this they do not get the big picture of the movie. When that happens they do not get the full message that the director is presenting. Another weakness is that there are so many details in the movie. Which is not really a bad thing, but have to watch it a couple of times to be able to catch-all the message the movie
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