Stereotypes In The Ugly American

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Akwan Malual Global Studies 201 Reaction Paper:1 Question: 3 Are You an Ugly American? Stereotypically, Americans are seen as terrible people to be around when traveling. They are thought to be loud, obnoxious, and very close-minded about the way people live in other countries. In The Ugly American we see these stereotypes being presented throughout the novel by those in higher positions. There are two different types of ugly Americans, One is being physically unattractive, Homer Atkins, while the other is ugly through actions, Louis Sears. In my paper I will be stating the matter of which makes a person an ugly American. Lousis Sears is the American Ambassador in Sarkhan. He is known as “Lucky Lou” due to his luck on winning the elections for eighteen years. Sears is an example of an ugly American because, his action parallels with what is an ugly American. Sears has no training for his position, only earning the position through political loyalty. While he holds the position…show more content…
Whether you are working with foreign policies or visiting another country, its essential to know about the culture. You could read about other people's culture's and histories, it shows that you care and open minded. It also gives you background information that will make it easier to ask and adapt to living there. Furthermore, you can do-little gesture to show interest; like noticing differences in language styles and food. Different dialogues and food can tell a lot about where a person is from. Therefore, understanding the culture is essential. With understanding comes respect. When in other countries, it is important to respect the culture, and the local people. Despite of your beliefs, you should not judge the country because they have a different way of living than you do. Respecting the cultures shows a lot about your character. It is only then will The Ugly American stereotype be
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