Stereotypes In The Workplace Observation

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The settings for all three of these observations were the same; they took place at an inconveniently far Mexican noshery called Dos Gringos. I found myself at this unfavorable location after recently getting into contact with an old high school friend and her inviting me. This was my first official bar attending experience. The plan was to meet my friend out there who would be waiting within a group of her aforementioned friends. I know generally a bar is not a conventional setting to write about in a scholarly paper; however this is not a tale of drunken debauchery on my part. Instead while residing within this awkward setting I witnessed a plethora of verbal and nonverbal messages being passed back and forth. So I hope you are able to look past the initial feeling of disapproval due to this paper’s area of observation being somewhat questionable. Monica…show more content…
Upon arriving to the location I messaged my friend and she comes out front to greet. Having not seen each other in a number of months she at first exhibited happiness when first seeing me we hugged and ventured deeper into the bar. Bouncers were littered through the interior, occasionally a burly figure would make their way over to an intoxicated who
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