Stereotypes In 'Toddlers And Tiaras'

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Stereotype Essay. In the world we live in nowadays, stereotyping others have become more common. So, what exactly does stereotyping someone mean? I believe it means to judge a group of people because they are different from one before actually getting to know them. It may also lead to jealousy of one another or hatred from someone else, because they think of someone being “better than others.” For example, “…I worry these girls are just doing it because they are being ordered to do so…”, Nancy Irwain (Toddlers in Tiara, 493). Nancy is just stating what she thinks, this is the perfect example of stereotyping someone. Unfortunately, she is stereotyping little girls that play a role in pageants. Maybe the children actually enjoy doing the pageants and the parents do it because of that. That is the perfect way to explain how stereotyping works. Nancy will never know exactly, unless she talks to each parent, if the children…show more content…
This helps get his point across. Hollandsworth’s article explores the world of child pageantry and attempts to convince the readers that the girls participating are being exploited and hypersexualized on stage. The article also talks to former pageant girls like Brooke Breedwell, forced into pageantry by her mother at only 3 months but quit at age 8 because of what she was missing out on a normal life. Shadowing the girls makes the article more interesting because it is coming right from the person who is a part of that world. Hollandsworth successfully fulfilled his purpose of showing the world that these girls are being overexposed and hypersexualized because of the world they are
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