Stereotypes In Twelve Angry Men

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Imagine this, you are on jury for murder. If convicted, you are sentenced the death penalty. The only thing that is debating whether you get to live is the decision of twelve men. Our justice system seeks many potential dangers. Stereotypes, perception of inconvenience, and difference in the jurors point of view are dangers within our justice system. One reason our justice system is dangerous is due to stereotypical jurors. Stereotypical jurors can have an impact on the verdict. In the play, Twelve Angry Men, the majority of the jurors are stereotypical. Their opinions aren’t based off of the facts, only by their belief of how they see certain people are. Juror four stereotypes the boy on jury because he grew up in the slums. “..slums are…show more content…
Juror eight throws in that he is only nineteen. Three then replies that “that’s old innocent little nineteen-year-old kid. Right in the beginning, juror three is stereotyping the teenager as a murderer. Just as he is young and got into an argument with his father, he is automatically guilty. The jurors hadn’t even discussed more situations along with the case, and juror three was positive that the defendant was guilty. I believe that he should not be making a final decision shortly after entering the jury room. Juror eleven is a refugee from Europe. He is an unbiased juror, as he seeks justice in result from all of his injustice he has gone through. “He comes over here running for his life, and before he can even take a big breath he’s telling us how to run the show” (Rose 334). Juror eleven has now started pointing how that the boy deserves a fair jury along with justice. Other jurors started making comments on how they were “born right here” and how they should “take tips from a few people who come running here”. He then states “I am use to this”, trying to allow the defendant to receive a fair trial. The defendant's life is on the line and most of the jurors have already

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