Stereotypes About Ukraine

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Stereotypes about Ukraine: positive and negative aspects
To start with short introduction, first of all I would like to describe briefly how I understand this word – “stereotypes”. Stereotypes are common beliefs which are supported by majority of people towards something or someone. Actually, stereotypes can exist towards culture, race, behavior, sex… And no matter: is these facts right or wrong, because if majority believes them – they always will be.
Why I decided to choose this topic? There is couple of reasons. First reason is that I have always been interested how many stereotypes exist about Ukraine in the world. Ukraine’s current situation and position seems to be ambiguous for me, that is why I want to conduct more deeper research
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A lot of people from Europe and America think that Ukraine is a part of Russia. And people who are living there are as Russians almost. In order to prove that this stereotype is completely wrong, I would like to bring next historical argument. During ages territory of modern Ukraine had been included in such big states as Kievan Rus from the late 9th to the mid-13th century under the reign of Rurik dynasty; the Principality of Galicia–Volhynia, or Kingdom of Ruthenia after collapse of Kievan Rus from 13th to the 14th century; the Grand Duchy of Lithuanian and The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth from 13th to the end of 18th century; the USSR in 20th cenruty. The modern peoples of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia all claim Kievan Rus' as their cultural ancestors. These units included not only the territories of modern Ukraine, but also Belarus, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia also. Thus, a statement that whole Ukraine had been for a long time a part of Russia is completely…show more content…
Main reason is that Ukraine is agricultural country and some time ago the hog growing was very popular in every family living in the country side. Historically lard breed of hogs were grown and the lard was used in different types: rendered, salted or fried. Today eating of lard can’t be considered as a national kind of sport because the tradition of growing the lard breed of hogs is lost, and that young people prefer to live a healthy life style. Not many people do eat the lard – may be elder generation or to honor the tradition you could be offered ground lard with garlic in Ukrainian
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