Video Game Stereotypes Essay

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In modern day society, which is ran on realism and stereotypes, gamers seem to be judged by many of their peers. Some of the people who judge the gaming community also happen to be in political power. While there are many of these stereotypes in the world today, a lot of them are not supported by facts or trends from society around them. Also, the studies behind the gaming effect on the mind do not include anything else in the surroundings of said gamer, that may affect their activities and thought process. To truly continue the contrast of stereotypes, the most prominent stereotypes must first be stated. One stereotype that is held consistent, is the so-called anti-social behaviors that gamers are shown to possess. Meaning that they are…show more content…
In a Forbes interview, it is stated that “President Trump suggested that violent video games and movies are the real culprit when it comes to school shootings.”. Our own president believes that playing a mature video games may lead to a type of tragedy that can shake entire countries. These are just a few negative remarks that people have to say about video games. Now, the positive contrasts to these remarks. These stereotypes are should not always be deemed as true. So many gamers are considered anti-social by those around them, but, a lot of video game play revolves around socialization. Many gamers keep in contact with their friends. Especially if they happen to move away, they can keep contact through the mutual video games that they can play together online. Alongside this, going online on a gaming console could lead to newborn friendships between players across not only the nation, but the entire world. The word “nerd” over the years may has gone through an offensive change in the past few decades, it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It is a term that has been reclaimed by those who have a professional

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