Stereotypes In Walt Disney's Frozen

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Walt Disney Studios opened in 1923 and have been known for creating legendary films since the day they were founded. Right when you hear someone mention the name “Walt Disney” you are instantly taken back to childhood memories of watching VCR’s of legendary Disney movies like The Little Mermaid or The Beauty and the Beast, and even one of the most recent popular Disney films, Frozen. Idina Menzel stars and Elsa and Kristen Bell stars as her older sister Anna. With these two incredible actresses doing voice overs it truly is impossible not to instantly fall in love with the movie. The movie was inspired by “The Snow Queen” and directed by Chris Buck who has also directed the popular Disney movies Tarzan and Pocahontas. The MPAA rated the film…show more content…
Typically, Disney movies are known for the typical princess and prince love story and are solely based around the man and woman main characters falling in love with each other. However, instead the movie revolves around more important things like diversity and friendships. This film teaches an important lesson that just because people are different doesn’t mean you should treat them any differently than a normal person. An example of that is the unique bond between Olaf and Anna. Olaf is a snowman who Anna brought to life and he has dreams of being able to bask in the sun. He teams up with Anna to help save Arendelle, and even goes to the extent of risking his life in order to save…show more content…
They go against the basic Disney “princess movie” by doing as they pleased and not letting anyone hold them back, this is truly what sets themselves apart from all the other princess movies. At the start of the movie, Anna is set to marry Prince Hans (Santino Fontana) but suddenly chooses not to in order to go find her sister. When Elsa begins uses her ice powers for the first time she gets an intense amount of ridicule and judgement. However the strong minded princess decides to feel empowered by this instead of being down on herself. This allows Elsa to find her true self and not let the opinions of others define her. Both Elsa and Anna are strong women in their own unique ways and that is what makes this movie popular. It attracts both parents and kids because who doesn’t like a little lesson of

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