Stereotypes In William Watts's 'The Color Of Success'

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The Difference We are all human. We all have our own opinion. We all have the right to think how we want to. The community treats people who are different with no respect or acceptance. We all deserve acceptance and respect from our peers. Society stereotypes. In Watts’s memoir “The Color of Success” he remembers the struggles of attending a primarily white school as a black student. The public judge’s people without even knowing the person or people they are judging. Watts explains that he knew about the stereotypes, and says “I occasionally confronted the stereotypes.” (Watts). Most people would not confront the stereotypes that go on day to day but more of us need to be brave and stand up for ourselves. We as humans and a society need to realize that loving each other will bring so much more peace to the earth than hating each other. Your opinion matters just as much as mine does. And in Ronald J. Allen’s Newspaper editorial “American Flag stands for tolerance” we hear several people’s opinions on the American flag being burned. “At the core of what the flag symbolizes, then, is tolerance.” (Allen). Whenever we find someone with a different opinion than us, we automatically think that they are the wrong ones, not ourselves. Specifically, when it comes to political…show more content…
In William J. Brennan’s court opinion “Texas V. Johnson” we hear about the unknown man making an impact on the nation. “…the unknown man will change the nation’s attitude.” (Brennan 15). If one man started to live differently in this world, he could easily impact many people that live near him or are involved with him in the daily life. There is a point when we just need to start accepting each other’s beliefs and respect them too. Society thinks differently, so we do not need to judge people for how or what they think. We may still think and feel differently but we are still all
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