Stereotypes Of A Hero Essay

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To a lot of people, villains have always been cooler than heroes. There is many times where people like villains better because of their past, and with heroes, a lot of people like them better because they seem heroic. Some people are seen as heroes, some are seen as villains however to determine it, you must know their motives, and their side of the story.

Foremost, in many forms of literature and movies, people have been perceived as heroes, and some not so much. Not everyone agrees with the way certain people are put into stereotypes. Heroes don’t always need to be the simple stereotype of a brave, special, strong person. However, some people may be appear to be heroes, but have different motives than they let on. For example, in the TV show, Gravity Falls, the main antagonist of the whole show is Bill Cipher. Every human sees him as an evil tyrant, mostly when he tried to take over the world, but he was doing it to give his friends a place to belong. He was seen as a hero to them, but evil to humans. But, if the situation was
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In the book series Percy Jackson, by Rick Riordan, has a main character that is the hero of the series. He was the typical high school loner, with not many friends and turned out to be special, and had to go on a big quest. He was viewed as brave to his friends, but to others he was just a kid or a villain. To the antagonist, he is viewed as a villain because Percy is interfering with his plans. So, people can be a villain or hero based on viewpoints.

So, people can be seen as a hero or villain based on the details they’ve gathered, and what they’ve seen in the person. You should never judge a book by it’s cover, and you must know all the details to make a conclusion about someone. Someone who may seem heroic may have just been forced into a destiny. You never know, there could even be a hero among
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