Stereotypes Of African American Women Essay

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African American women make up eight percent of the United States population, the women in this minority group deal with negative and positive stereotypes on a daily basis. These stereotypes are apparent within mainstream media. With today’s children having more access to media. now more than ever, they are subjected to these stereotypes at a young age (Adams-Bass, Bentley-Edwards, & Stevenson, 2014, n.p.). When blacks have more Afrocentric features like thick lips, bigger noses, or a darker skin tone, they are more likely to have a negative stereotype towards them (Conrad, Dixon, & Zhang, 2009, n.p.). There are numerous stereotypes within television shows; portraying black women as happy, overweight, and always in the kitchen, or as rude, loud, “gold diggers” (Adams-Bass, Bentley-Edwards, & Stevenson, 2014, n.p.). It is believed that if stereotypical images in media are replaced with realistic images, it could benefit African Americans. For example, showing them in managerial positions or positions of authority could support getting them to those positions (Stevenson & Swayne, 1999, n.p.). In a study done on African American portrayal in business-to-business direct mail, they found that the percent of ads showing African Americans were almost equal to the percent of African Americans working in the business world (Stevenson &…show more content…
These are represented in the media when they portray black females in music videos, television shows, and advertisements. These often influence the way they see themselves and the way others see them. If these stereotypical images are replaced with realistic images, the African American community would benefit. Young females would not fall victim to the preconceived notions of who they are supposed to be and others will learn to not judge an individual based on a complete group. African American women can be empowered by changes in the way the media portrays
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