Why Do Americans Fall Under From A Global Perspective

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Global Perspective: America is a major world power. That credibility keeps the overall worldly opinion of the country itself positive. Most Americans would agree with their portrayal on nationalstereotype.com when described as “optimistic, hardworking, and generous.” However, this level of favoring has decreased over the years for various reasons. Even countries that think highly of Americans have their fair share of negative stereotypes for them. Nationalstereotype.com also explained that the three negative categories Americans typically fall under from an outside perspective are, “materialism, overconsumption, and extreme capitalism.” Obesity, racism, and ignorance are among the other undesirable descriptions with which they are referred. I believe that Americans begin with the pure intention of “life, liberty, and…show more content…
There is a fine line between “working to live” and “living to work.” In America, at about age three, you start going to school. You don’t end that process until age eighteen, at the youngest. However, many go on for 4-10 more years getting an extended education. Just as you finish schooling, you get a job. You work for the next 40-50 years, retiring just in time to enjoy your last few years of life. A good majority of countries look down on this working lifestyle. In the video from The Washington Post, a Costa Rican student explained that in his country they worry a little less about money and more about “enjoying [life].” Furthermore, in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Sweden, and Greece, employers are required to “pay vacationing workers.” Bostonglobe.com said “the benefits of taking time away from work are well documented: reduced stress, improved health, increased productivity.” It makes you wonder why Americans do not participate in this leisure. The case of mandating vacation has come up many times in the US recently. While acknowledging the perks, they seem to be outweighed by worries of “unnecessary

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