Chinese Cultural Differences

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A linguist believed he can plot the world's cultures on a chart. He came up with a model dividing cultures into 3 types. According his model, cultures were categorized by 3 characteristics: Linear-actives— those who plan, schedule, organize, pursue action chains, and do one thing at a time. Multi-actives— those lively, loquacious peoples who do many things at once, planning their priorities not according to a time schedule, but according to the relative thrill or importance that each appointment brings with it. Reactives’— those cultures that prioritize courtesy and respect, listening quietly and calmly to their interlocutors and reacting carefully to the other side’s proposals ( Lubin, 2013). He thought that this categorization of national…show more content…
There is a widespread viewpoint in the world: Chinese are introvert and mot much directly. Those stereotypes come from Chinese culture. In China, the Confucius’ thought has affecting Chinese culture and mind thousand years, which encourages people be patient and harmonious. Under this culture, outgoing will be regarded as impolite. The emperor used this thought to control his citizens’ mind so that society can be stable. Therefore, people became more and more meek. On the other hand, the history also changes people’s impression. There are two total different period of time in Chinese history which created two opposite impression of Chinese. Genghis Khan, a leader of tribe in Mongolia, he established Mongol Empire by his powerful army. He brought the war to the Europe, invaded many western countries at that time. Cruel and powerful became the impression of Chinese at that time. Nevertheless, at the end of Qing dynasty, Chinese left people another feeling. Decayed Qing government locked itself up, refused the communication with outside, which made China arrogant until the Eight-Nation Alliance broke the door and invaded China. At that time, in western countries, China is cowardly but rich. The history and nation also can change the national characteristic thought different ways. It is incorrect to judge a nation’s culture and its characteristic with little…show more content…
Although we cannot simply divide the characteristic into several categorizations, it is indeed that every country has its obvious features of personality. These features would not come from nothing. As we said, history, polity and media can affect the impression of an area. According Lewis’ model, each peeks of that triangle represent a kind of characteristic. The more close the peek, the more they are alike. What is noteworthy is that the countries close to the peek are the countries close to in geography. It means those country may have contact from a long time ago. Through war, business and ally, each culture were mixed and exchanged. That is why the same or similar culture can exist in different countries. These cultures’ contact changes itself somehow, and then culture change people’s life. However, culture will not change totally; it still keeps the many original parts. That is the reason why those countries close to each other have similar culture and characteristic but they still are
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