Stereotypes Of Drug Addiction Essay

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In researching the stereotypes regarding addictions many are untrue. Many people thinking that addicts are lost causes to society and can only occur to one type of person. Having an addiction is a disease within the brain, and it will cause time for a person to fully recover. The demons they have will not subside due to a love one or the individual has willpower. Professional help must be used in order to beating the disease. If an individual substance addiction was created out of alcohol then a person can’t stop from one day to the next. For each and every addict it is a process some vary in method that will help get to the root of the issue. A professional can help and by asking the questions what leads them to seek alcohol as an addiction. For many willpower is not enough to overcoming the addiction. It is a journey to recovery that must be made with professional help. If the individual was to quit cold turkey they would relapse much quicker than if they received help. My father is from the…show more content…
However, addiction to drugs can be that a person is masking a pain that they have within themselves. Addictions are more than just bad habits. They are what could control a person’s life. It can affect moments of impact, love ones, and how the individual relates to others in the world. These people have chosen to start in using drugs, but eventually the right to choose is taken from a person as the addiction proceeds out of control. In conclusion it is very easy to judge another person on their personal problems. However, addiction is now sweeping the nation and becoming an epidemic. We need to remove the preconceived stereotypes and myths, and leave them in the dark ages. The advancement of science has shown us that addiction is a real problem for many. Having an addiction problem can destroy not only the abuser but also those around them. We need to place an end to stereotypes and myths on
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