Stereotypes Of Gender Identity

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Q2) Arguments are continually made for gender, sexuality, and race as biological fact, however it is more productive to regard them as outcomes of discourses and discursive practices that have varied historically, geographically and culturally. Discuss this claim in the context of no more than two aspects of identity that we have analysed in the unit. Outline of Essay Biological determinism: The sex in which you are born determines behaviours in which you should demonstrate. These behaviours are inherent and therefore are already decided for you. Gender, sexuality and race are said to be a product of this but they are outcomes of discourse and discursive practices. Discourse: “Discourse is about the production of language and practices by…show more content…
This article is useful as it addresses typical stereotypes of gender and how through history people believe have believed it to be biologically determined. It then debunks this theory and explains it as being socially constructed. It delves into the cultural aspects that parallel with gender and sex, as well as how different views on these aspects of identity are created. This article gives us insight on how views on gender and sex have changed historically. 2. Davidson, S and Wiseman, M 2012, ‘Problems with binary gender discourse: Using context to promote flexibility and connection in gender identity’, Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 528-537. Sagepub. This article is helpful as it notes the issues associated with binary gender discourse and biological determinism. It explains the way in which identity can be lost through gender binary and the emotional impact it can have on those that don’t feel that they identify as either. It also delves into how different contexts of situations and environments effect how a person shapes their identity. It also explores how these discourses create perceptions of gender to others as well as to themselves. 3. Drazenovich, G 2012, ‘A Foucauldian Analysis of Homosexuality’, Educational Philosophy and Theory, Vol. 44, no. 3,…show more content…
This article is useful for my argument as it explains different sexualities and how they are created through cultural and social production. It argues with a humanist view of sexuality that has been passed for through history and how people views on sexuality have changed through discourses. It explains how there are numerous sexualities and how it is continuously changing. This helps to make my point that sexuality isn’t biologically determined but products of social and cultural influences. 6. Winges-Yanez, N 2014, ‘Why All the Talk About Sex? An Authoethnography Identifying the Troubling Discourse of Sexuality and Intellectual Disability’, Sexuality and Disability, Vol. 32, no. 1, pp.107-116. I want to use this article as an example of the complexity of identity, particularly sexuality. This article talks about people with intellectual disabilities and their sexuality. It explains how those that with disabilities are considered to be asexual. This is interesting as those without intellectual disabilities are subject to a very heteronormative society and without a second thought considered to be sexual beings. I want to use this as contrast and to emphasise how identity can’t be put into certain
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