Stereotypes Of Homeless People Essay

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Homeless people don’t have the choice that normal people have. They must live a life of poverty and try to rise from the ruins, but it seems so impossible. The story, “What Do Fish Have To Do With Anything?,” by Avi and the problem solution essay “Homeless,” by Anna Quindlen, show how stereotypes affect homeless people. People develop stereotypes by assumptions on homeless people acting differently, causing society to treat homeless people as a group not individuals. Both texts show stereotypes, but in different ways. The story “What Do Fish Have To Do With Anything?,” shows how common stereotypes affect homeless people. The essay “Homeless,” demonstrates how to get rid of the stereotypes of the homeless. The story, “What Do Fish Have To Do With Anything?,” by Avi can show how people interpret homeless people differently. The stereotypes of the homeless can be seen through Mrs.Markham. When she tells Willie not to look at the man because he is sick this demonstrates that many people will find…show more content…
Quindlen talks to a homeless lady named Ann. Quindlen started to describe the homeless lady, making her seem like an average person on the street. After a while of discussing, Quindlen sees that the stereotypes that were created for the homeless, don’t belong. The author found out that Ann used to have a house, but her job did not pay her well enough. This caused her to go on the streets. The stereotype that homeless want to live on the street, and there is no way anyone can get homeless, is wrong. After interviewing Ann, the author realized that most homeless people don’t want to be homeless, it is not their fault. We can be homeless at any moment live on the streets, begging for money. If we can get rid of the stereotypes, most of the homeless on the street would get a better life. Don’t judge people as a group but
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