Stereotypes Of Homeless People

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Part One The amount of people who are living in poverty are supposedly people with darker skin colors, than that of many Caucasian people. People with dark skin colors are more likely to have less resources or come from areas of poverty. The rate which living cost rising, is also causing homelessness in King County, with less affordable places to live. Another reason someone may be homeless, is due to a temporary crisis. Many make up unreliable generalizations of homeless people as being lazy or unintelligent. Individuals that are a minority are more likely to affected by relative resources than those of Caucasian, already making them more likely to be homeless. This has nothing to do with being lazy or unwilling, just a lack of vital…show more content…
With President Trump calling it a nation epidemic and treating to build a wall to prevent Mexicans from enter, is only targeting the immigration on Mexicans. Another stereotype, is Africa and placing Africa in stereotype, not representing the individualized issue. By stereotyping an issue, people are being too generalized and not localizing on helping to fix the issue. As the speaker puts it, it’s not that it’s not true, it is incomplete. With many things, individuals only can relate until they experience it for themselves. Otherwise, they look at it from one side of the story and not the whole picture. Many people stereotype me as being reckless for having children at a younger age. Or automatically assume that I am struggling to survive because I have two young children and that I am young. I believe I am no different then someone who is 10 years older then me, going to school and taking care of children. Another stereotype I get from others is being young and due to my age, I cannot complete a task as well. I do value someone who has been doing the same task for much longer than I, but I do not think stereotyping is going to impact how I work. I do the best job I can do at the time and just must demonstrate that I am able to complete the task just as…show more content…
We are all made from different emotions and not one characteristic can define someone. America has some many varieties of cultures that you must respect other cultures or there will be conflicts. Some cultures are isolated, and individuals from that culture may have strong opinions on foreigners. Vise versa, individuals from complex surrounding may stereotype isolated culture too. Media has a large impact on stereotyping from advertising, to the president making his speech on immigration. Families can have strong opinions, influencing their children to have the same stereotype and religion set boundaries on what acceptable and not, possibly creating

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