Stereotypes Of Homeless People Research Paper

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The stereotypes in our world Every person has a thought or an idea of someone. People thoughts turn into a stereotype about many things that are not true or that is true, but that doesn 't occur often. The Biased Eye and What Would You Do explains how lots of people make the same reaction about a certain situation with a person. People stereotype about what they think of homeless people, African Americans, and drunk people. They say they would help but actually wouldn 't, then be adamant about it, they would not concede to this. When some people see certain situation, like a trying to steal a bike. Their fear boosts up and they walk away and ignore it like it never happen, and say they were going to call the cops. What Would You Do is making these situation to see how people react to a certain gender and race trying to steal a bike. When a white kid tries to steal a bike, people just walk away or say "that 's wrong" and to "don 't do that," and then they do nothing. And when it 's a black kid, people heard up and try to stop the kid. That is one of the stereotypes mostly people see today, from The…show more content…
The homeless have no house and are treated differently from others. Videos are on youtube show teens beating up the homeless people for fun. Shown from WWYD, they see what happens when a homeless man is being beat up by teens. Their was people that stopped them, but not as fast when they had a female acting as a homeless. People went to help immediately and aided her afterwords. Lots of people do this because how we thinks these today is that its the right thing to do to help a women in need and they are weak so they help from a strong man, even if they are doing something bad. When a girl is trying to steal, people help her in that situation like that. A man with his wife saw her, and the husband help her steel the bike while the wife was calling the cops with her device while she said not to help her

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