Stereotypes Of Immigrants

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Children inherit traits from each of their parents—whether their eye color or their height— we all get something. I inherited the determination and wisdom they carry in addition to physical traits. My mother taught me to work hard, and that will change your view of the world. People will look down on you for looking different and being different; they will judge you due to your race and financial status, I remember being young and watching my mother work for hours on end, only taking short breaks throughout the day, and readily continuing her job when she got home. She did this because of stereotypes—particularly, the belief that immigrants are lazy. I knew that when I became older I wanted to have the same determination and work ethic that I grew up observing. I wanted to have the same strength that she did to pursue her passions.…show more content…
Could I shy away from the world and study harder? Should I succumb to the stereotypes? What could I do to be able to showcase my intellectual ability as well as my potential? These questions pushed me to have a more in-depth thought process.
Being the child of two immigrants isn't easy, and I know many other people have said the same thing. It's not as hard of a challenge to live in today's society compared to being the child of immigrants in the past, but the stereotypes remain the same. Still, I wouldn't change my cultural identity and background for

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