Stereotypes Of Me Essay

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The way that other people stereotype me is mean, rude, and ungrateful. Those are just a

few but I don’t think that those are true about me. I can be mean sometimes but so can

everyone. I always see people looking at me a certain way and I can almost guarantee that they

are judging me or stereotyping me. People might think I’m rude when they talk to me but that’s

simply because I say what I’m thinking. Whenever someone asks me something I’m not going to

lie about it, I’m going to tell the truth and sometimes people might think that it’s rude, but that’s

just how I am. Other people might think that I’m ungrateful with what I have, which isn’t true but I

think people think that because they think that I am always wanting something
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I care about other people’s feelings and about how they are doing. I always ask

people if they need help and how they’re doing, simply because I care about them. All of my

friends say that I’m funny and my family always laughs at me so that’s why I decided to put that

down. I don’t try and be funny, I just be myself and I guess that’s just who I am. I say that I’m an

athlete because I play sports. Some people might not think that I’m an athlete just by looking at

me, which I don’t know how you could look like an athlete or not, well I do but. Anyway, I play

two sports and I love them both. People probably think that I don’t play sports because I have

no life, but if you know me then you would know that I love sports and that I play them all the

time. I only “play” two sports, but I play all sports, if that makes sense to you. I just don’t want

people thinking that the stereotype me is the real me because the real me, I think is a good


During this activity I learned a lot. Everyone thinks something of someone else no matter

what. Everyone has a stereotype and everyone judges each other. People think of people in

bad ways and good ways but everyone thinks of someone else in a different way. A lot of
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