Stereotypes Of Misjudging People

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I don’t like that kid, he has everything easy for him. Have you ever thought that about someone? Why do we judge others just by appearance or social status? Ever since mankind first roamed the planet, judging people based on an outside perspective has been far too common. As this new generation rises there has been many misjudgements about people who have different aspects in their culture. People don’t like others who are not socially accepted because they fear that they will harm their reputation. It has been the same ever since Eve took a bite from the apple. The history of judgement has not changed, we have the pressure to fit into the social world. For some people they seem as if they had got it easy, without even trying. We all have…show more content…
In one survey 75% of people tend to unfairly judge one another at least once a month or more. In the survey it said that 23.4% of people said that they misjudge people 2 or 3 times a month based on their appearance; 9.4% misjudge once a month; 17.4% two to three times per week; and 4.7% judge a person simply from their appearance everyday. Studies show that most of us had stereotypes about blacks, women, and other social groups by the age of 5. Why do we do that? Racial discrimination has always been one of the worst judgements of all time. There are two forms of racism used, moral racism and genetic racism. These two forms of racism go together, though they are distinct. They have influenced various practices of racism such as slavery, job discrimination, segregation, and denial of voting rights. Racism still exists today but there is much dispute on how it is interacted and influenced. Many point at high unemployment rates and poverty issues as racism today. Though others say that this is because of high crime rates, low standard schools, and urban city…show more content…
All of the religious groups believe in one thing, the big man who created all life. Today churches believe that there way of practicing worship is the right way, the way that should be used to enter the gates of heaven. In the book of Matthew he says “Under the heavenly ruling of the kingdom, the kingdom people will be judged with what they judge others. If they judge others with righteousness, they will be judged with righteousness by the Lord; if they judge other with mercy, they will be judged with mercy by the Lord.” So why do these religiously encircled leaders think that there group is higher than others? Christians judge one another for two reasons: our fallen nature, and misunderstanding of Jesus’ words. People tend to believe that there way is right, and scared that new ways will overcome in what they believe
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