Stereotypes Of Racism And Discrimination In The United States

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Lesson number 37: Racism can be found nearly everywhere. Most nations deny it, but discrimination based on skin color, religion, or ethnic group is widespread. When searching for racism, look to see what a country does, not what it says. Underdog racial and ethnic groups are locked out of economic and political power. One recent example of racism based on religion is the attack that occurred against the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Insulting publications made by Charlie Hebdo are believed to be the motive behind the attack. This newspaper is known for publishing articles that mock Catholicism, Judaism and Islam to name a few. Although, freedom of speech protects the newspaper from publishing anything it wants. It comes to show that the publications by this newspaper are offensive to various religions that find such publications unpleasant. Islam’s are a minority group in France and very few hold political positions in that country.…show more content…
The Holocaust, which was responsible for the mass murder of Jews, gypsies, mentally and physically disable people and homosexuals. Hitler believed that there was a master race. Those who didn’t meet the criteria of super breed had to be killed. The Nazi ideology believed that the Aryan race was the superior race and those who didn’t fit the criteria had to be killed in concentration camps. Hitler’s final solution was to kill everyone who wasn’t part of the master race. The holocaust is the significance on how racism affects people. It makes them believe they are inferior and cant fight against it. Making others feel less superior is how racism begins. With the help of political officials who make laws and regulations that benefit them thus affecting minority
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