Stereotypes Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Some viewers may not know anything about teen pregnancy other than what they see on television without even experiencing it or been properly informed on the topic. Not all teen moms deserve the bad wrap we get and I say “we” because I am a teen mom myself. As of 2011, the rate was fifty-four pregnancies per one thousand girls from the ages 15 to 19. Thirty percent of teenage girls who drop out say pregnancy and parenthood are a key reason. When you see teen mothers on television they are usually portrayed as high school drop outs. Another stereotype for teen mothers is that they live in poverty. We hear many stereotypes about young mothers. Although some may be true or close to being true, I believe that television just shows the struggles and hardships, and never gives credit to the young mothers that work hard and pull through from those struggles.…show more content…
The shows 16 and Pregnant, and Teen Mom have become very popular over the last couple years and there has been controversy whether the show promotes teenage pregnancy, or is helping prevent more teenage pregnancies. Movies like The Pregnancy Project and Pregnancy Pact show what it is like being pregnant during high school and how some girls don’t take it as serious. In my opinion, I wouldn’t say the television shows I mentioned earlier “promote” teenage pregnancy. I think they are good examples of why young women should be cautious when having sex at a young age to prevent from being in those
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