Stereotypes Of Teenagers In The 1960's And Today

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The Youth of Today, we’re not stoned, we’re just really cool. When taking a quick scan over the headlines from the last year, most are lead to believe that today's youth, do drugs, drink, fight and have sex, because they are simply bored. The newspapers are only taking into account the negative things surrounding adolescents, instead of a positive light. The stereotype of teenagers today is quite similar to what is was in the 60s. Some people may also argue that the stereotype of teenagers in the 60s is far worse than today's! The 1960s brought us sit-ins and tie-dye shirts. Kids in ghettos pressured others to do to heroin, most hippies smoked marijuana. Even Harvard professors (Timothy Leavy), encouraged the world to try LSD!! Teens in the 60s also…show more content…
Today, it is shown that 1 in 7 teenagers actually act as the media portrays them, and the other 6 are perfectly normal, respectable people, but are treated as a sleaze who has begun to waste their life. The other 6 adolescents are not shown in the media because there is nothing interesting to report about the, as frankly they don't do anything that is ‘newsworthy’. The media are interested in bigger stories, such as drunken fights, more so than getting an A on a Maths exam. According to the survey that was done by the State Library (New south wales) ‘Fewer people ages 12-17 are drinking alcohol and the proportion abstaining from alcohol increased significantly between 2010 and 2013 ( from 64% to 75%) On January 12th, 2008. Corey Worthington (then 16) threw a party while his parents were out of town. Worthington spread the word all over social media pages, attracting 500 teenagers, who ended up vandalizing the neighbourhood after the police shut down the party. Worthington was interviewed on a few television programs where he had no remorse for his

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