Stereotypes Of The Cowboys

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The Southern Folks In this lifetime, people label every individual they come across. From the way someone looks to what they are doing gives them a label, such as an athlete because they wear a letterman jacket. These labels are called stereotypes. Stereotypes can be a positive or a negative thing. When a stereotype is grouped up with a bunch of people, there will be some whom do not apply to everything under that stereotype, for example just because you wear glasses you are a nerd, this is called a misconception. Stereotypes can even be related to the area you live in. From a city to some states combined have all been stereotyped. The Southern region of the United States has often been stereotyped as loud, stupid, redneck, and many other…show more content…
Stereotypes form from the way someone talks to the group they are in. While misconceptions are formed from people assuming what the others personality is, but it is not the truth. In About Men by Gretel Ehrlich, states how cowboys have been idealized into this person who is courageous, however they are truly being spontaneous and do not care about courage. The states idolized the cowboys and created more stereotypes. These stereotypes created misconceptions as they gradually stopped applying to the majority. People create stereotypes that form misconceptions about each other, making them rank lower. Southern people have been classified as part of the lower class of the United States. Though movies showing Southerners as slow minded, people gradually began to believe that and created that as a stereotype. All Southerners speak funny. All Southerners are rednecks is also a common misconception. All Southerners own a lot of firearms and are trigger happy. All Southerners are rude because they are rednecks. All Southerners are racist because of their history with the civil rights. All Southerners hate outsiders. Most of these are all misconceptions because of the one sided news that the media spreads and movies make the Southerners out to be. Being misinterpreted for many years, the poor Southerners have been made a mockery of across the…show more content…
Which they do, confessed Ian Blodgett, however they have more laws in place like other states to protect the people. Citizens just want to be able to protect themselves and their family if the it is necessary. If someone wanted to own a gun, they would still have to go through a lot of training to own one. Other parts of the country still think that the Southern states are racist. Ian stated, “The racist people do not represent a majority of the South, most Southerners hate those groups too”. The South is still being perceived as racist, but the horrible history of the rest of the United States was forgiven and
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